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United Medical Staffing Solutions began in 2018 with a focus on elevating the role of elite medical professionals within the medical facilities community.

Seth Taylor, RN, was a member of the staff for a skilled nursing facility. He worked with many RNs, LPNs, and CNAs employed by staffing agencies.

“Most of the agency staff that we worked with were dedicated professionals that worked well with residents and our facility staff. We greatly valued their commitment and their flexibility to help us cover shifts. We also had agency staff that were challenging to work with. They sometimes didn’t have the basic silks needed for their scope of practice.”

Seth and his business partner Shaun Woodfield co-founded United Medical Staffing Solutions to locate, interview, and guide skilled nursing staff in their journey to become leaders in their respective scope of practice. They developed an in-depth interview process and collaborated on a handbook that provides guidelines for the basic skills that medical facilities required for agency staffing. They navigated the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they continue to expand their engagement with skilled nursing facilities, memory care facilities, and assisted living facilities in Utah and across the US.

Seth Taylor, RN
Seth Taylor, RN

Seth is a co-founder of our company and brings over nine years of experience working as a medical professional. He holds and Associates of Science in Nursing from Fortis College and is a Registered Nurse for the state of Utah.  

Shaun Woodfield
Shaun Woodfield
Chief Executive Officer

Shaun is a co-founder of our company and brings over 15 years of experience as a business owner and a teacher of lifestyle entrepreneurship. He has built multiple successful businesses through his passion of helping others succeed.

Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor
Chief Operations Officer

Brian brings over 20 years of experience in operations, sales, and marketing to our company. He has an extensive background in information technology solutions and has worked for a Fortune 50 company that continues to lead the technology sector. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business (Emphasis in Information Technology Management) from Western Governors University and had achieved certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, and CompTIA.

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